The Kunststoff-Zentrum Leipzig (KUZ), Germany, is an independent, industry-oriented technology, testing and training center. The range of activities includes research and development work in the pre-competitive field, collaborative research with industry, special innovative services and technology transfer in different fields of polymer processing. The most important objective of the KUZ is to support companies in the development and introduction of new technologies and processes.
Seminars and training events are an essential pillar of the KUZ's activities as well. A variety of courses have been offered regularly for more than three decades.

Within the framework of the EuReComp project, the KUZ aim to develop an innovative lifelong learning concept for the novel recycling of carbon fibre reinforced composites in order to attract and secure current and future generations of employees. A modular training concept will be created and investigated, which is a combination of different units of face-to-face teaching, practical modules, self-study and workshops with repetitive parts and integrates current trends in continuing education such as „blended learning“, „mobile learning“, „gamification“ and others. Technology like Augmented Reality is also explored as well as the integration of digital learning environments to support the individual learning process and record examination results of integrated tests.