Milestone Achieved: 24-Month EURECOMP Progress Meeting in Vigo

Submitted on Mon, 04/29/2024 - 14:56

The EuReComp project reached a critical milestone with its 24-month progress meeting, held last week at the AIMEN Technology Centre in Vigo, Spain. This important event brought together project partners from around the world to reflect on the progress made and plan for future initiatives.

During the meeting, partners reviewed advancements in composite recycling technologies that have emerged through the project's lifespan. Discussions focused on the successes and challenges faced, showcasing the collaborative efforts that have driven the project forward.

Significant strides have been made in enhancing the efficiency and sustainability of composite materials. The meeting facilitated a robust exchange of ideas, fostering a shared commitment to continue research and development in this vital area.
The project team also outlined the next steps for the EuReComp project, including upcoming research activities and community engagement strategies aimed at maximizing the impact of their work.

We thank all partners and contributors for their dedication and look forward to the continued success of the EuReComp project. Stay connected with us for more updates and breakthroughs in the field of composite recycling.