AIMEN Technology Centre is a Non-Profit Innovation and Technology Centre located in the Northwest of Spain, that was set up in 1967, highly specialized in materials and in advanced manufacturing technologies applied to high performance materials development and processing, robotics and automation.
AIMEN is a highly professionalized organisation, with more than 270 employees specialised in the fields of Materials Science, Welding, Manufacturing Process Engineering, Robotics and Control Engineering, Testing, and Laser Processing. Its mission is to improve the competitiveness and the technological know-how of the manufacturing industry through the following activities: (i) R&D projects, (ii) Technology forecasting, (iii) Acquisition and development of emergent technologies, (iv) Promotion of technological innovation inside the companies.

In EUReCOMP AIMEN will lead WP2 and be mainly in charge for:

  1. Tracking quality & quantity of disassemble and separate multi-materials. In this sense, quality monitoring of large-area rapid non-destructive testing (NDT) will be implemented by combining ultrasonic and thermal analysis on reused elements to evaluate their internal and surface integrity.
  2. Smart sorting, by applying different spectroscopic approaches based on the combination of the selected optical techniques (HSI in the near/middle infrared, and LIBS) and sorting algorithms for identifying and classifying waste materials according to their spectra (MIR, NIR, LIBS). Machine learning / AI data analysis techniques will be developed to optimize the sorting.
  3. Separation DSS tool for demo cases.