Dallara is a motorsport company that was founded by its current president, Giampaolo Dallara in 1972. Since its establishment, Dallara has become world renowned for its specialty in designing, manufacturing, and developing race cars. Dallara’s core competencies include: design using carbon fiber composite materials, aerodynamics by means of wind tunnel and CFD, vehicle dynamics through simulations and testing, and the fast and flexible production of high-quality prototypes.

In 2018 Dallara started its role of road car manufacturer with a pure radical sport car called Stradale, that shows all the Dallara competencies trough a product: vehicle dynamics optimization, lightweight design and aerodynamics research.
Dallara with its strong expertise in the development of advanced design methodologies for optimization of lightweight composite structures and in manufacturing of composite parts with innovative technologies, providing high quality standards and cost reduction, is involved in Eurecop Project as an end user.

In EuReComp the effort of Dallara is focused on the selection of demonstrators for each sector.  Another important task in which Dallara is involved  deals with the Manufacturing of demonstrators covering various sectors/, in particular in the field of:

  • Additive manufacturing sector in which a steering wheel is proposed
  • Compression moulding sector in which Dallara intends to realize a racing seat