INEGI – Institute of Science and Innovation in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering is a Research and Technology Organisation (RTO), founded in 1986, focused on research and technology-based innovation activities, technology transfer, consulting and technological services. INEGI is a non-profit, private and recognised as a public utility entity that aims to contribute towards the development of the industry and the economy in general, through scientific and technology-based innovation. Throughout its 35 years of existence, INEGI developed and consolidated a position as a technological partner for companies, while ensuring the personal and professional development of employees and the enrichment of higher education.

In the EuReComp project, INEGI will contribute with the definition of requirements for redesign and reuse of large decommissioned EoL composite components for both structural and non-structural applications and the evaluation of their condition and mechanical properties in order for the development of a separation decision making tool, optimizing of the amount of salvaged and reusable material. INEGI will also be involved in the construction and validation of demonstrators obtained through reuse (1st generation products) and recycling (2nd generation products).