University of Patras

The University of Patras (UPAT) was founded in the city of Patras in 1964 and is the third largest University in Greece in terms of students, faculty members, administrative personnel, number of departments and degrees awarded. It includes 35 Departments covering a wide range of disciplines.

In Eurecomp project, UPAT is participating with two labs:
Plasma Technology Laboratory from the Department of Chemical Engineering and Laboratory of Technology and Strength of Materials form the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Aeronautics. Both groups have an extended experience in administrating and participating in European, National, International and Industrial scientific projects.
Plasma Technology Laboratory is mainly involved in the plasma processing of the materials, the development of low pressure, atmospheric pressure and plasma in liquid reactor for different applications (environmental, energy, medicine). Main research areas of the Laboratory of Technology and Strength of Materials are the manufacturing of composite and hybrid materials, their mechanical testing, their damage characterization and assessment and the holistic impact assessment of these materials and processes in different applications (aerostructure designs, space structures, hydrogen tanks etc).

In Eurecomp, UPAT will participate in the recycling of composite structures by applying Plasma Enhanced Solvolysis, an innovative alternative of conventional chemical solvolysis. In addition, it will contribute to the physicochemical and mechanical characterization of the recycled fibre and to the waste treatment and regeneration of the solvents used in the recycling process. Finally, UPAT will contribute to the development and implementation of a holistic Index Tool to compare and benchmark the recycling processes that will be developed and optimized during the project.